February 2016 News

Babies News

This month our topic is ‘Transport’.

We have some very exciting activities planned for the babies which include, creating a hot air balloon using lots of sensory objects, exploring large boxes, using our imaginations to create different types of transport and mark-making using wheeled objects and paint. The babies will also be using their physical abilities to explore the outdoor area.

We will be celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ on the 8th February where the babies will be dressing up, dancing and listening to Chinese music and sounds.

Tot’s News

This month our topic is all about ‘People who help us’

We have lots of exciting activities planned for the children which will help extend their knowledge. The children will be using their imaginations and exploring the role play area by dressing up as different people who help us. We will be learning new rhymes and reading stories about people who help us in the community. We will also be using the tablets with the children to look at different occupations.

We will be celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ by having a small party. We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day and are asking the children to wear something red.

2plus News

Our topic this month is ‘People and Occupations’

We will be talking to the children about different occupations, for example doctors, police and dustbin men. The children will be using their imaginations and dressing up as different occupational characters. We will also be creating our own fire engine using recycled boxes and paint.

During February we will be celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ and ‘Valentine’s Day.’ We will be having a food tasting session for Chinese New Year and creating our own dragon using boxes. The children will be creating Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones.

Other activities we have planned: Phonetical sounds, number recognition, memory games, follow the leader, building houses and guess the sound.

Pre-school News

Our topic this month is all about ‘Exploring our Senses’

We have planned lots of exciting activities for the children which will help them to explore all of their senses. The children will be taking part in a food tasting sessions which involves them tasting different types of food, such as lemons, dried fruits, and pickled foods.

The children will also be exploring different textured materials. These include jelly, gloop, ice cubes and scented playdough. We have also planned some cooking activities that include making bread and creating biscuits and decorating them.

We will also be celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’. We have many activities planned. As it is the year of the Monkey, the children will be creating their own monkey pictures.

Other activities include: Learning the initial sounds of our names and familiar objects, recognising numbers, matching quantities, and shape recognition.

Managers News

This month’s staff training:

  • First aid Training – Bal and Farjana (4 week course)
  • EYPP Training – Sam (9th Feb)
  • Merry go round of emotions – Neelam (11th & 25th Feb)
  • Wellcoms Training – Laura, Vinny and Rachael (24th Feb)

We will be celebrating World Book Day on 3rd March. We are asking you to dress up your child as their favourite book character and donate £1

Important Dates

Please make a note of the following important dates in your diary:

  • Monday 8th February – Chinese New Year
  • Tuesday 9th February – Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
  • Friday 12th February – Last day of half term
  • Sunday 14th February – Valentine’s Day
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