June 2016 News

Babies News

This month, the babies will be continuing to look closely at the ‘Outdoor environment’.

They will be learning how to care for plants and flowers. They will also be helping to water them. The babies will be learning about the weather and learning some new songs. The babies will be exploring books about the weather to extend their knowledge.

Developing baby’s sensory skills is a very important part of their development. We will be exploring different natural objects, encouraging the babies to feel and smell them. We will also be using mud play and sand and water to fill and empty. The baby’s will be developing their mark making skills by using lots of different tools.

Tot’s News

This month the tots will be ‘Exploring under the sea’.

The children will be discovering all the different types of animals that live under the sea. They will be creating their own sea life water scene and catching fish using nets.

The children have been showing lots of interest in the plants outside. We have decided to explore their interests by discussing with the children about how plants grow and what they need to stay alive. We will also be planting our own cress seeds and watching them grow.

As it is Father’s day, the children will also be creating cards and yummy cakes.

2plus News

This month’s topic in the 2plus room is all about ‘Nature’

Last month we concentrated on the outdoor environment where we looked at bugs and insects. Due to the children being very interested in this we continued the theme. We will be encouraging the children to explore their science skills by looking at bugs closely using magnifying glasses. We will be counting lady bird spots and using our own handprints to create butterflies. We will be watering plants and talking about how they grow. We will also be growing our own sunflowers.

We will be looking closely at numbers and also beginning to write the first letter of our name.

Pre-school News

This month the preschool children will be focusing on ‘Growing’

We will be having group discussions on how plants grow, what they eat and how to look after them. The children will be growing their own cress plants and learning how to care for them. Once they begin to grow, we will be measuring them to see how big they grow. We will also be doing some research on the computer which will help the children extend their knowledge about plants.

As we have some children leaving us for school, we will be doing lots of work based around ‘School Readiness’ If you would like more information on how you can support your child in this transition, then please speak to your child’s key worker.


Managers News

On Wednesday 22nd June we have the photographer coming to nursery to take the children’s photographs. The photographer will arrive around 8:30 and leave around 2pm. If your child does not attend on this day but you would like them to have their photo taken, then you are more than welcome to bring them along. If you would like your child changed in to an outfit, then please inform their key worker.

Important Dates

Please make a note of the following important dates in your diary:

  • Monday 6th June – Children return to nursery
  • Sunday 19th June – Father’s Day
  • Sunday 19th June – Anila’s Birthday
  • Wednesday 22nd June – Photograph Day
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