May 2016 News

Babies News

This month, the babies will be looking closely at their outdoor environment.

We will be looking at flowers and all the different colours. We will be using watering cans to help care for and water them. We will be exploring our mud kitchen and using different tools to dig. The babies will be exploring their physical development by moving in different ways. The babies will also be creating musical instruments using natural materials from the garden.

Tot’s News

This month the tots will be continuing to look at transport.

The children will be creating their own 3D transport using junk modelling, paint and other creative materials. We will be encouraging the children to create their models by using their imaginations. We will be discussing with the children about the different types of transport they use, looking at books, and watching for the bin men. We will also be doing some plane spotting outside in the garden.

If you have any cereal boxes, pots, or other junk modelling we can use please bring it in to nursery.

2plus News

This month we will be focusing on the outdoor environment.

The children will be going on a bug hunt, using a range of tools to help them in their search. We will be looking closely at the bugs we find and create our own using lots of creative materials. The children will be busy getting green fingers as they will be planting lots of different plants in the garden. This includes tomato plants. The children will learn how to care for them by using watering cans to help water them. It is very important that children learn to be independent. In the 2plus room we encourage the children to use the toilet by themselves, offering help and support when needed. We also encourage them to wash their own hands, feed themselves and tidy up their toys. If you could continue this at home and help work alongside us this would be fantastic. If you need more information on independence, please speak to a staff member.

Pre-school News

This month preschool will be continuing to look at Occupations.

The children will be researching different occupations using a range of tools. This includes resource books and the internet. We will be adapting our home corner to suit different occupations. For example, we will be changing the home corner in to a hairdressers and a restaurant. We will also be using dressing up to act out different occupation roles. As the weather has finally started to warm up we will be planting lots of flowers, cress and some vegetables. We will be discussing with the children how plants grown and what they need to stay alive. The children will be exploring science by measuring their cress and how big they grow. As we have children leaving us for school we are concentrating on ‘School Readiness’. This includes encouraging independence, looking at phonics, counting and much more. If you would like more information on what ‘School Readiness’ looks like, please speak to a staff member.

Managers News

This month we say goodbye to Claire who will be leaving us on Friday 13th May to begin her maternity leave. We would like to wish Claire, and her family, the very best of luck with their new arrival when he or she comes. Claire will be returning to us sometime in the Autumn term.

Important Dates

Please make a note of the following important dates in your diary:

  • Monday 2nd May – Bank holiday 8am – 4pm
  • Thursday 5th May – Bal’s Birthday
  • Friday 6th May – Claire’s Birthday
  • Friday 27th May – Last day of half term
  • Monday 30th May – Bank Holiday 8am – 4pm
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