September 2017 News

Babies News

This month our topic is ‘All about me’

The babies will be using their creative skills by mark making pictures for their All about Me display. They will be using their hands, feet and fingers to make marks.

We will be introducing the babies to recognising their body parts and copying body part movements. This will be done through pointing and music and movement sessions.

Tot’s News

This month our topic is ‘All about me’

The children will be learning about their body parts, naming and finding them through songs and games.

We will be creating a family photo display board and an album for children to look at and use during the day. We find this helps children with separation from their parents. The children will be drawing self-portraits and having discussions about who lives in their house. Can you please bring in photos of your family for us to use?

2plus News

This month our topic is ‘All about me’

The children will be doing self-portraits by looking in mirrors; talking about feelings; singing songs about our bodies and naming their body parts.

We will be looking closely at the children’s religion and cultures through books and the internet. We will also be discussing our own cultures with the children.

The children will participate in discussions about their likes and dislikes and about their families.

Pre-school News

This month our topic is ‘All about me’

We chose this topic as we have lots of new children joining our Preschool room this term. The children will be creating self-portraits using mirrors to look at their features. They will be looking at the similarities and differences they have compared to others and having discussions about our likes and dislikes. We will be drawing our family portraits and having discussions about our families. The children will also be creating a height chart.

Separating from parents can be difficult for children so we will be having lots of discussions about our feelings and why we feel different ways. The children will create pictures to represent how they are feeling. We will also be using the internet to research different ways of life.

Managers News

Please return all completed ‘All about me’ sheets to your child’s key worker once completed. This will help support staff when settling children in.


  • Can all parents please ensure they close the door & gate securely behind them when entering and leaving the nursery. This is very important as children could be put at serious risk.
  • The nursery has a strict NO mobile phone policy. Please respect this.

Important Dates

Please make a note of the following important dates in your diary:

  • Friday 1st – Eid-Ul-Adha
  • Monday 4th – First day of term
  • Thursday 7th – Neelam Birthday
  • Thursday 21st & Thursday 28th – Oral Health talk
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