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Welcome to George Eliot Kindergarten,

We are a family run business and therefore recognise the importance of working closely with parents to support the link between home and nursery life. We provide childcare for children aged between 6 weeks and 5 years, Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. The nursery is open 52 weeks a year and is only closed for Bank Holidays.

Our aim is to ensure all children are provided with an enjoyable and enriching nursery experience as their happiness and wellbeing is our main priority. We do this by providing:

where all children can grow in confidence and independence. We plan our environment to meet the individual needs of children and we ensure there are a range of stimulating, learning opportunities available to children daily.

 which meets the needs of all children. Staff will plan your child’s settling period with you; some children need a gradual introduction to nursery life which builds up slowly the amount of time they stay on their own each day, until they can cope with a full session or whole day.

this will help your child to feel secure and happy in their environment and enable them to continue their learning. It will also enable you as the parent or carer to be at ease and informed about how your child is managing the transition process.

and other professionals to meet the individual needs of all families. Our policies and procedures detailing nursery life and our working practice are available for you to view.

This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom they are specifically responsible. Your child’s key person will work with you to make sure that what the nursery provides is right for your child’s needs and interests. Your child’s key worker will help your child to settle when they first start at nursery and offer support to your child throughout their time with us. You are always welcome to come in and speak with your child’s key person. We also use a secure app called Tapestry as a way of electronically sharing your child’s learning and development with you whilst they are at nursery. This also includes a feature for us to share home learning activities and parents can add on children’s achievements and activities from home also.  Tapestry offers a ‘Memo Page’ feature where we share monthly newsletters, updates and information for parents and home learning ideas.

as we know investing in their skills and qualifications enables us to provide l high quality childcare. All staff are required to complete Paediatric First Aid training.

Play time at to George Eliot Kindergarten
boy playing at George Eliot Kindergarten Coventry

So why choose George Eliot Kindergarten?

Boy playing football at George Eliot Kindergarten

And much more…

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or would like to visit our nursery.

Full of Fun, Education oriented, professional and caring, welcoming and safe


Hi Team, I hope you are well. Today, I had a call with one of your team members. I have met her every day for the past 1 month. She is an excellent mentor to my child and answers all my questions.  She talked to me today regarding my child’s progress and it was quite helpful to know what Eanna does in the day-care. She is a lovely lady to talk to and Eanna also likes her and is very supportive. Keep up the good work. Best regards Mehak Eanna's Mum
Madinah's Mum: We had our consultation call regarding Madinah's progress. I have seen such a huge difference in Madinah, and it is such a pleasure to see. She is eager to go into nursery even when it's her days off which shows me, she is really enjoying it. More importantly the time that her key person has spent with Madinah during her one to ones is something that I am really happy with. Taking Madinah to the supermarket and her being able to identify so many items that I wasn't aware she knew shows that these sessions she is having is helping her development. Her key person  is always very positive and looking at ways to help Madinah develop which is fantastic to see. The rest of the team are also great with her too. I am excited to see Madinah's next steps. Thank you all again
My daughter started aged 1 in the middle of a pandemic and I was able to do some shortened settling in sessions with her which was really important to me. In just a few months her confidence and development has come on leaps and bounds and she loves going. All the staff are brilliant so friendly and reassuring and accommodating to my changing timetable. I cannot recommend enough!
Cassie Rob
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