Health and Well being

At George Eliot Kindergarten, we take great pride in the physical health and well-being of our children at nursery. We provide high quality, local fresh food which is prepared daily on site reflecting mostly seasonal fresh produce. In our desire to utilise fresh ingredients and food options which are balanced, nutritious and adventurous, you will be very surprised how much care and attention we pay to creating menus which are truly unique to our nursery. We would go as far as to say – we do not believe you will find better food at any other setting locally.

We plan the menus to include international dishes and a vegetarian option each day and naturally we also cater for all individual dietary requirements.

We understand that meal times are an important part of life, and a good opportunity for children to learn about taking turns, table etiquette – and enjoying the social occasion

Sample Menu

health and well-being menu

We at George Eliot Kindergarten understand that play is something that a child best enjoys. A child’s play has a purpose and can be a step towards the learning and understanding of valuable skills. It can help the child fit into the world physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and grow to be a healthy and competent individual.

We endeavour to provide children with a stimulating environment, where playing and learning go hand in hand. A varied selection of activities will be provided throughout the day, using both indoor and outdoor activities. We take into consideration that we make appropriate provisions to include children with special needs and abilities.

Some of the activities which the children enjoy at George Eliot Kindergarten:

  • Construction and small world play
  • Heuristic play – independent exploration and investigation of real, found and natural resources and materials
  • Large & fine motor skills and experiences
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Role play and imaginative opportunities
  • Water, sand and malleable experiences
  • Stories and mark making – the marks that children make through a range of media, such as paint, water, sand pencils and the meanings that they give to them
  • Creative workshops
  • Outdoor opportunities
  • Exploring and investigating science and nature
  • Dance, music and sensory experiences
  • Cooking
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